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Aug 20, 2014

Wanted: Hip Kid Style

Wanted: Hip Kid Style #style

SEE LARK! | Hip Kid Style

Hubby and I actually found out the gender of our baby early on in the pregnancy (as a byproduct of modern-day testing) and I am excited to share with you that it’s a boy!  Honestly, I would have been happy with any gender, the saying “as long as they are healthy” never ringed so true. So as the weeks progress, I have been more focused on preparation and my online skillz has led me to the…

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Aug 19, 2014

Oh La La

Oh La La, more stripes! #style #ootd

SEE LARK! | Oh La La

Wearing stripes always makes me feel like a Parisienne. You’d think that horizontal stripes would not be a friend to a growing figure but it can actually be quite flattering if you choose the right shape.  Go for a more form-fitting design and wear it with something that has a defined shape and angles like a blazer or a long sleeve collared shirt. Throw on a red lip and voilà!  (PS – Check out…

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Aug 15, 2014

Eat. Shop. Do.

SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

The weather has been eerily pleasant for the month of August (I hope I haven’t jinxed us all) and it has really added to an extra jolt of pleasantness to my mood. Therefore, no matter what comes my way, my mantra has been “It’s okay”…perhaps it’s a new derivation of  “Don’t worry, be happy”? Ah, fuggedaboutit!

  • SH…

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Aug 12, 2014


My Hatch discovery and love for gladiator sandals #style #HATCHtagged

SEE LARK! | Warrior

Maternity style tends to lean toward the sweet-side of things. Since I like my outfits with a little more edge, I have found that the best way dilute the sugar is through accessories. I love a good gladiator sandal and ones that go up to the knee offer a great contrast to a white shift dress. Speaking of the shift dress, this one is made by Hatch Collection whose maternity line is great for…

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Aug 11, 2014 / 1 note

Home Design Q&A

Today, I am sharing my tips and sources for decorating the home #homedecor


My reason for starting SEE LARK! was to create a venue to share my passion and love for fashion, travel, food and interior design. Since buying my first home in 2010, I have honed in my decorating skills and learned a lot along the journey.  Therefore, after getting some questions about where to find inspiration when styling a home, I decided to share some of my tips here with you!


Q: We are…

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Aug 8, 2014 / 1 note

Eat. Shop. Do.

Eat. Shop. Do. #tgif

SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

Did the cake pops get your attention?  Good.  Now where can I get some cake pops?! In all seriousness, I can’t believe it’s August already.  I am secretly excited because it means Fall and that means leather jackets, coats, and layers.  Is it wrong to judge the season by how many pieces of clothing and accessories one can wear?

  • EAT.To satisfy a sweet tooth and not go totally over the edge, try…

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Aug 7, 2014 / 2 notes

Starry Eyed

SEE LARK! | Starry Eyed

As I forge on in my second trimester of pregnancy, I have discovered that shift dresses are becoming my new best friends since they are the only non-maternity style that still fits!  Tibi makes some of my favorite dresses (as evidenced here) because the brand encompasses the three S’s – sleek, simple, and silk.  I wore this lovely star patterned dress with a pair cuffed Sole Society wedges that…

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Aug 6, 2014

Eye On Etsy

SEE LARK! | Eye On Etsy

There is so much eye candy in this month’s Etsy picks it was hard to whittle down to just nine. From bold patterns and architectural designs to striking details, all the visual interest almost caused me to hyperventilate!  Anything catch your eye?

1. Circle Dress ($169)

2. Leather Bucket Bag ($99)

3. Circle Coin Purse ($57)

4. Ombre Tights ($40)

5. Eames Chair ($445)

6. Gray Sweatshirt ($83)


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Aug 5, 2014

Trench Coat Dress

Trench Coat Dress #style

SEE LARK! | Trench Coat Dress

Lately, the weather in DC has been pretty mild. I decided to take advantage of the good fortune and take my trench coat dress out for a spin (while it still fits – thank goodness for the elastic waistband!). I love the little details like the flap in the back, front pockets, and rolled up sleeves. It gives a little menswear touch to an otherwise feminine silhouette.

SEE LARK! | Trench Coat Dress

SEE LARK! | Trench Coat Dress

SEE LARK! | Trench Coat Dress

The Goods: Front Row Shop

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Aug 4, 2014

Inspiration vs. Imitation

Exploring the fine line between inspiration and imitation

SEE LARK! | Inspiration vs. Imitation

While trolling on Pinterest to see the latest eye candy, I stumbled upon what I thought to be a Zoe Karssen sweatshirt.  When I clicked on the link, I realized it was actually a copy of the original sold at a really cheap price.  I immediately thought “This is a copy…BAD”, hoped I didn’t accidentally download a computer virus, and moved on.  Months later, I saw more pieces from the same website…

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